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Below is a complete list of my compositions to date. Gradually, I will be including links to purchase published scores. Jazz lead sheets will be available for free, though still ASCAP protected.

My goal is to present all of my work, minus juvenilia, for public use. Most of this list is not yet available, but please check back. This page will be updated periodically. I hope to have all of my music available by next summer (2024).


Note - All pieces that are underlined contain clickable links to the sheet music. In some instances, audio will be provided for your perusal.  Depending on the piece, the audio may be a short passage of music or a whole movement. Some audio samples may also be computer generated.  

Twelve Pieces for Solo Piano (solo piano collection) 


1. The Bell Tower

2. Waltz No. 1

3. La boîte à musique

4. Memories of Olive

5. Ecossaise

6. Prelude No. 1 (La Nuit)

7. Prelude No. 2 (L’Aube)

8. The Piano Tuner

9. Prelude No. 3 (Tout Seul)

10. Ballade

11. Prelude No. 4 (Le Clown)

12. Elegy (For MB)

Impromptu (The Whirligig) (solo piano)


Into the Dark (To Find the Light) (solo piano)


Dance of the Heyoka (clarinet and piano) 

Thematically Connected Recital Program - A Tribute to Authors and Social Campaigners Vera Brittain & Winifred Holtby:


1. No Mourning By Request (violoncello and piano)


2. Between the Sandhills and the Sea (violoncello and piano)


1. Time

2. Love and War

3. Dear Roland

4. A Plea

5. Refuse to Forget (L’Envoi) 


3. Epilogue: Immortal Flower (solo piano) 


Select poetry by the authors accompanies this program. Email for more information about the poetry.

Edward Brittain's setting of Roland Leighton's L'Envoi is © The Literary Executors of the Vera Brittain Will Trust (1970).

The Stones of Carnac (tenor saxophone and string quartet)

The Windsong of Crazy Horse (symphonic suite) 


1. Vision of Thunder

2. The Greasy Grass

3.They Are Afraid of Her

4. My Lands Are Where My Dead Lie Buried


The Great Silence (violin and piano) 

Part I: Entangled Universe

Part II: Alone

Part III: To the Stars

Miniature for Two Guitars


Nasty Roche (marimba) 


In C-Flat (marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel, and vibraphone)


Jazz Songbook (lead sheets and select jazz scores) 

C Instrument Charts. B-flat Charts Available Upon Request.


1. Can Spring Be Far Behind

2. Come Away Death (lyric by W. Shakespeare)

3. Dream Me (Part I)

4.Dream Me (Part II)

5. Euoplocephalus

6. For Better or Worse

7. In the Spirit

8. Josephine

9. La’raesa

10. O Mistress Mine (lyric by W. Shakespeare)

11. Quietude

12. Salta (Tren a Las Nubes)

13. She Didn’t Know

14. So Blue

15. Such is Life

16. Tender Night

17. The Conjuror

18. Wakangli

19. Warm at Heart

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