Twelve Pieces for Solo Piano

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"There are too few composer-drummers, and on this evidence, Eric Starr is an extremely welcome new addition to the club. His musicianly writing and playing do him great credit. Plus, he has an ex-Earthworker - Iain Ballamy - on tenor saxophone. Irresistible." 

 -Bill Bruford, Iconic Drummer 


"Such Is Life is most impressive. One of my favourite releases of the year."
-Brian Morton, The Penguin Guide to Jazz


"One cannot help but be impressed by this music.  The musicianship is top-notch, the performances unpredictable and full of surprises, and Eric Starr's writing is consistently inventive."  -Scott Yanow, Jazz Critic/Author


"Eric Starr shows formidable taste and class throughout this multi-dimensional release...Panoramic, dramatic and exciting, these tunes highlight an exciting direction for the band, and for jazz in general." -Jazz Weekly 


"Everything is fresh about this disc…Nothing gets in the way of this music's freshness and charm."  -Jeff Simon, The Buffalo News 


"A multi-talented musician, Eric Starr's jazz star may well be rising above all expectations and Such Is Life may be the reason why. Starr and ESG deliver an exceptional album: a gem of a recording that truly sparkles all over. Brother Nelson and the well-designed orchestrations play a major role here and one sample of this session will be enough to convince anyone." 

-Edward Blanco, All About Jazz 


"From commotion to lost and frustrated love, Such Is Life presents an anthem from the theatre of life through the thoughtful lens of Western New York drummer Eric Starr...An album of Starr’s originals, the diversity in arrangements, feel and flavour, coalesces into the ‘life’ concept with beauty and precision in a laid back, late night New York soundscape." -Peter Wockner, Jazz & Beyond


“Starr has the arranging chops to carry off an album of exquisite, wide-ranging chamber jazz...and the range and resolution of his imagination is truly stunning.” -Chronogram Magazine

"Starr proves himself an accomplished composer…that would have made Antonio Carlos Jobim proud."  -Muze, Inc. 

Such Is Life (2013)  * * * 1/2 - Downbeat Magazine  * * * * Jazz Journal, UK

Photograph by David Hill